Why Web Safety

Predators, bullies, and dangerous situations are lurking online. Educate your children and yourself about the dangers present on the Internet. Web Safety 4 Kids offers presentations and workshops for schools can inform you about these serious situations. Also, there are some of the best methods how you can make sure that your children are really protected while they are online. The public should be alarmed about these sorts of things absolutely.

The majority of people who go through these problems do not ask for help when they should, which leads to many problems. We devote time and money into conducting research that will help people with these problems, but also to finding the solution to problems we have today when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction.

There are too many people sharing the same problem, and the solution is anything but simple. Still, that does not mean that we should collectively stop trying to help people who go through addiction and who are dependent on drugs and alcohol. Remember that ignoring these problems can have a huge negative impact on our society as a whole, and this is precisely why we have decided to do something about it.


First of all, this page and our organization are devoted to educating people of all ages about substance abuse. So, it does not matter whether you are coming in contact with substances yourself or you know someone who needs help, the information you find here will help you deal with your situation.


Also, we aim to connect people who go through similar problems, because we are greater when we are in numbers! Sharing thoughts, opinions, and experiences can be a crucial factor in fixing the situation with substance abuse, and it can help numerous people who come to our website.


We organize numerous events that aim to help people struggling with addiction and their families. These events aim to create a supportive network of people who share similar problems. Of course, do not forget that this problem affects our entire society so we also encourage volunteers to join our programs and help out any way they can.

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