Aaobgyn : Services Offered by Austin Area Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Fertility

Austin Area Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Fertility ( Aaobgyn ) is a multi-physician obstetrics and gynecology practice that was founded in 1960. It’s one of the leading practice that has maintained a solid reputation in the provision of obstetrics and gynecology services for women living in or around Austin region. It’s located on Renfert Way in St. David’s Women’s Center.

Why Choose Austin Area Ob-Gyn & Fertility

There are many reasons why many women prefer this practice for their obstetrics and gynecology care. First and foremost, Aaobgyn is run by experienced and specialized physicians in the fields of Obstetrics and Gynecology who have practiced in these fields for a long time and hence can understand your problems. The center operates within convenient office hours so that everyone including those who work can access their services. Also, this medical clinic provides emergency services through their emergency telephone line so that they can help in times of emergency at any time of the day and night. In addition to their convenience, Austin Area Ob-Gyn & Fertility accepts most medical insurance plans to enable you get treatment without any delay. They also welcome new patients and have on-site parking and free valet parking for pregnant mothers.

Services offered by Aaobgyn

This practice provides a variety of services to their patients, and these include routine obstetric care, gynecology care, Pap Tests and Colonoscopy, urinary incontinence treatment and minor surgery. They also provide cord blood banking, mind body medicine, skin care, fertility counseling and treatment, vaginal rejuvenation and diagnostics services such as bone density scans, 3D mammography, and ultrasound. Below is a detailed info of some of these services

  • 1. 3D mammography. This is a diagnostic test that helps in the assessment and treatment of breast cancer. It provides highly detailed images of the breast tissue. Austin Area Ob-Gyn & Fertility has the most advanced and effective 3D mammography equipment to carry out this test.
  • 2. Gynecology. Austin Area Ob-Gyn & Fertility provides gynecology services to Austin women in all stages of life. They can diagnose and treat gynecological problems in their early stages to prevent complications. The services also include Pap test which is a medical screening test for cervical cancer.
  • 3. Obstetrics. These are services offered to expectant mothers who may experience problems during the pregnancy. The services include prenatal examinations to detect problems that may occur in pregnancy. They are also able to manage high-risk pregnancies to ensure that the baby stays healthy until delivery time.

  • 4. Ultrasound- This plays a huge role especially in pregnancy to check the condition of the baby and uterus. It’s a diagnostic imaging test that uses sound waves to create detailed images of internal organs. Austin Area Ob-Gyn & Fertility has advanced ultrasound equipment to diagnose any complication during pregnancy and manage it on time.
  • 5. Fertility. Many women experience fertility issues which may hinder them from conceiving. When a woman is unable to conceive, the problem may be within herself or on the side of her husband. Austin Area Ob-Gyn & Fertility will conduct tests to determine where the problem is and offer counseling and treatment.


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