Privacy: A Right For Every Child

With high numbers of cyber crimes going all over the world, parents started to worry more and more about the safety of their children while they are online. There are so many bad things that can happen nowadays that one question keeps imposing itself upon the brow of the troubled parents: is it really OK to spy on their children’s online search history.

Many of the parental control software face criticism for harming the kids’ rights to their own privacy and this topic has become really touchy in the last couple of years. If parents find out that their kids are exploring a sensitive topic such as sexuality and act in a wrong way, it could reflect badly on their kids’ future behavior. Kids need to know that their parents are always there for them, no matter what is in question.

It could be possibly harmful to the kids if their parents would have found out about their activity reports of their online search, especially if those kids were exploring sensitive topics such as domestic or gender abuse, sexuality or religion.

Microsoft went a step further and launched a software that lets parents take a look at their children’s online search history. This basically means that parents can see what their children are doing when they are online. For some people this is good, for some, it is not.

In one hand, it is good to control your children and all their activities and in the other, it is not good to control them so much because it could be harmful to them. It could be harmful in a way that the children would get the feeling that they are not allowed to do anything on their own.

Children are curious in the young age and that curiosity should be supported in any way. If children feel like they are being monitored, that could greatly undermine any kind of trust and relationship with their parents. This could leave devastating consequences on the family. Parents should take great care when they are considering doing this.

Kid-Safe Browsers and Search Sites

With the advancement of the modern technology, kids are required to do some online research for their school projects and homework because it is the best way to get access to a load of free information. If you decide to let them use the Internet for such endeavors, you might want to think twice about that because they could come across some things that they should not see and read.

Since the Internet is a place where you literally cannot know what you might find, there is a way how you can make sure that your kids only use kid safe browsers and search sites intended for kids. There is a list, that is easily obtainable online, of safe search sites for kids. With this list, you can rest assured that your young surfers can safely investigate the corners of the Internet and topics they are interested in while being completely protected from any of the stuff that they are not ready to see.

The other thing you can do is educate your kids about responsible and safe online behavior. You need to do anything in your power to keep your kids safe from any bad things that they might come across on the Internet and unfortunately, there is a lot of it that could be potentially harmful to them. In order to avoid all that fuss and still let them use the Internet, which is, after all, the most reliable source of information nowadays, teach them how to use it in the proper way and how to avoid websites that are not appropriate for their age.

Make sure that, as soon as your kids begin to go online, they need to understand that you are expecting something of their behavior. Explain to them that by acting respectfully and responsibly, they will be able to enjoy their time online much better and get the best of their Internet experience. Also, this will ensure that they will avoid any of the inappropriate content and cyber bullying. Make them be responsible like they should be for real.


Kids Chat Room Safety

Chat rooms are usually safe online places and that goes for chat rooms for kids too. Many of the chat rooms for kids present themselves as the safest places for kids on the Internet, where the kids can connect but, is that really so? You would surely want your child to use the Internet and all its benefits of course but you also want to avoid any of the inherent dangers.

Well, unfortunately, the biggest danger children can face online today is a pedophile trying to engage them in any way. This is exactly why it is very important that you make sure to supervise children while they are online. There are a couple of very useful ways how you can keep track of them. Make a few rules that your children will always obey and apply, would be one way to make sure of things.

The chat room rules

Chat room rules for kids should be simple and sound. They need to know what they can safely use and what they should never use unless it is absolutely necessary. Also, before they enter any of the chat rooms, their parents first need to make sure that the chat room is safe for children. Always make sure that your children never use their real names and give out any personal info. If someone wants to meet your children in person, refuse politely unless it is someone from your own neighborhood that you know in person. Make sure that your children never post any photos of them or their families and review the chat history every day. These are some of the rules that will make things much easier for both you and your children.

They also need to understand that you are doing all these things for their good. The sooner you get them used to trusting you and relying on you, the better relationship you will be able to build with them. Your children need to know that they can trust you with anything at all times because that is the foundation upon you build your relationship with your children. If they think that you are doing this to control them, they will start hiding things which will eventually alienate them from their family. Act protective but supportive, make sure that they know you are there for them at all times and no matter what.

Keeping Your Identity Safe Online

If you think that your kids are safe online just because they do not have an account on Facebook or any other social network, does not mean they are not at risk. Children are up to 35 times more likely to have problems with the identity safety online according to the recent research.

Since the percentage of online teens today is higher than 90%, it is safe to assume that one in 40 households with kids, will get compromised. Stealing personal information and identities online is quite popular in the last 5 years.

With this in mind, it would be the best to educate yourself about how to keep the identity of your kids safe online at all times. Here are some basic steps that will help you to catch on on the subject.

The first step would be to keep SSN of your kids to yourself. So, a social security number is something that you simply do not share with anyone, no matter who they are. Instead, if asked, just turn it down politely with the excuse that you cannot give the number because of the safety issue. In case that you still have to give it, do it over the phone instead of online.

Since everything today is just a click away, it would be really good to teach your kids to type their links instead of just clicking. Children who like to spend their time online, doing their web surfing, need to know how just one letter or a number can change the address they are referring to.

There are individuals on the net who are actually gathering all the misspellings and use them to create clone sites which they can use to steal information and identities.

Limit the posting of the photos of your children online. The less personal preference you post, the better.  If you want to avoid becoming a potential target for online robbery, you will think again before you go public with literally everything about your children. And always keep in mind to turn off geo-tagging of any sort.


Infant Optics DXR-8

Video Baby Monitors are the Way to Go for Your New Baby

You’re having a baby!! Excitement! Nervousness! You’ve got a million questions. For many moms, dads and couples, is what kind of baby monitor to purchase? How much are they? Are they complicated? Audio or video? For today, the focus will be on the last question by looking at the benefits of a video baby monitor versus just an audio monitor.

First up for discussion, the audio only monitors.

There are a couple of positives with the audio only monitors: 1) they’re easier to use for non-techies (if Grandma is not tech-savvy, she can figure it out when she’s over babysitting); and 2)

they’re cheaper than video for those on a tight budget. The list of pros is shrinking for the audio only monitors, however, and the list of cons is growing. For example: 1) some sounds may be hard to determine — you can’t always hear that the toddler is trying to get out of the crib; and 2) multiple kids in different rooms (toddlers in one room, infant in another) — knowing what’s going on becomes more challenging with just audio.

As the conversation shifts to video monitors, let’s deal with one fact off the top. Most video monitors also have audio capabilities, so you’re going to get all of the benefits of the audio monitor along with these additional benefits:

You can check on the baby without waking

  • If the videos monitor is web enabled, you can watch when not at home (make sure wifi is secure)
  • Many people feel that it’s just nicer to see the baby
  • You can see a toddler trying to climb out of the crib – you may not be able to hear this clearly until too late
  • Many video monitors allow the user to connect multiple cameras — allowing for multiple angles or be able to watch multiple kids who may be in different rooms

Setup and use easier than in the past (phone apps today that do much of the work for you)

Clearly there are number of good reasons to use a video monitor. Admittedly nothing is perfect. While video monitors are superior to audio monitors in a number of ways (the technology is better, plain and simple), but there are some negative arguments raised regarding video monitors. Let’s look at and deal with those.

For some anxious and nervous mothers, having 24/7 video access can become a source of obsession. This is a possibility, but frankly, not having video may still be a source of obsession if the parent can’t figure out what the sounds mean, or if she or he needs to make sure the baby is breathing throughout the night. Yes, video is costlier than audio only, but those costs have come down significantly in recent years. Also, as the video technology has improved, the quality has gone up while the costs are going down.

If this discussion has convinced you to buy a video monitor, a monitor worth considering is the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Monitor ( view this review ) with Interchangeable Optical Lens. Quality video, great sound, and sound activation.
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MyNemours: Managing Your Child’s Health Electronically

Children are delicate human beings. Their immune system is not that strong, and that’s why they are usually attacked by different types of diseases. As a parent, it is usually a painful experience to see your child going through pain and you will do all that it takes to get a quick medical aid. Sometimes getting this help can also be hectic and this may be because of your tight schedule. Good news is that you can monitor and manage your child’s health electronically thanks to MyNemours. By using this system, you will be able to keep tabs on everything that relates to the health of your child.

Book an appointment

If you discover that your child is suffering from any kind of disease, you can use the system to book an appointment. First, you will be able to find a convenient primary care location that is near you. The next step will be to schedule an online appointment. MyNemours specialty medical services are available in five states which are Delaware, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Renew prescriptions

Once your child has been given a particular medication, it is your duty to ensure that he or she sticks to the prescription. Once it’s over, you don’t need to make another long journey to the doctor. You can just use the system to renew the prescription. By using the application, you will be able to give the right medication without risking incidences of overdose and under dose. However, if you don’t see any improvement or things take an unexpected twist, it will be wise that you consult a doctor.

Connect you with your child’s medical provider

MyNemours gives you a direct link with your child’s medical provider. This means that there will be a seamless communication path between you and the provider. A direct communication saves you from the struggle of searching for reliable pediatricians on the internet. Through the platform, you can communicate to your medical provider any time that you want on issues surrounding your child’s health.

Get real data regarding the progress and growth of your child?

MyNemours can help you to monitor the growth of your child and other health-related issues. The system is capable of processing and generating vital data that can be used in making important decisions in the future. You can use it to view your child’s immunization records and even have a graphical view of the growth rate. In case of any health issue that affects the child in the future, you will be able to use this data to make references and even get a more viable solution.

MyNemours : Manage all healthcare data using your electronic device

MyNemours puts everything that relates to the health of your child at your hands. You can access all the information that is stored in the system using your computer, iPhone and Android devices. This feature gives you some level of flexibility as you won’t have to move to a specific geographical location to get this data.

Placecard Accountonline

Placecard Accountonline : Get exciting credit card offers for Kids !

All of us have a credit card for easy on the go transactions. We no longer carry a heavy wallet. All we do is store up cash in form of credit cards and now with e-wallets having a credit card has become essential. Yet applying for a credit card account seems to be a daunting task. Ugh! The tiresome visit to a bank. But what if someone does the work for you? Yes, banking facilities at your door. No need for tiring paperwork. Placecard accountonline does just that!

 Kids Credit Cards

An online portal for quick fix banking solution. Here you can open a credit card account in minutes. This leading US portal has a customer base of nearly 50, 000. With its easy to handle quick facilities, it is no wonder that it’s a hit. The process of opening a credit card account is quite simple. No need for documents and filling tedious bank forms. Just sign up on their website using your email id, your chosen unique name, and a password. It’s that simple. Once you have verified your email id your account is ready. See, so easy right? Just like opening an account in social media.

While you are assured of the swift process, still a bigger concern looms at large. Yes, the anxiety over its security. In this age of cyber-crime safety and security are primary concerns. More so if it involves monetary transactions. Well, have no fear they have got you covered. The website uses an encrypted security system known by the name SSL. Powered by this SSL or secure sockets layer system the website ensures safe and secure transactions. Thus all your personal details remain confidential.


Placecard Accountonline : Exciting Offers

Having an account on placecard accountonline not only relieves of banking hassles but it also opens the doorway to a world of exciting discounts and offers. It’s like having a membership to an elite club. Here the advantage lies in the range of discounts that the company offers. The website offers a whopping 30% discount on your first credit card purchase. Apart from this, there are other offers like TEEN’s 25% birthday discount offer, double reward points for every dollar spent and others. Upon receiving your credit card you get another 20% discount.

Irrespective of the reward points and discounts you have the card comes handy in almost every occasion. Be it online or offline – fashion, food, retail, groceries, movies, and restaurants – you can avail their service anywhere. There’s no issue of the card being rejected.

Another user-friendly aspect of this card is its relatively easier methods of paying the bill. You no longer have to wait for a bank visit to pay your bill. You just need a speedy internet connection and a smartphone. Yes, it’s that simple. Just log in, to your account with the help of your username and password, and avail the pay the bill option. In case you can’t reach the website you can pay the bill in store or through email. How convenient, right? Well, told you so. They are the panacea of monetary transactions. With them, all of your shopping ends in a joyous ride.

So what are you waiting for? Get your finances sorted. Open your placecard accountonline account.

Parent Connect Tusd

Parent Connect Tusd : Get All the Information about TUSD

Torrance Unified School District is a school district that was founded in 1947 and is located in the South Bay region of southwestern Los Angeles County, California. It’s made up of 3 adult school campuses, 1 alternative high school, 1 continuation high school, 4 high schools, 8 middle schools, and 19 elementary schools.

To ensure effective communication with the parents, the Torrance Unified School District launched tusd.ord ( Parent Connect Tusd ) . The district website is a user-friendly website where the district provides parents with information and resources. Through the website parents with children in the schools or those seeking to enroll their children in the district schools can get all information concerning the district such events, meetings, staff, curriculum, and courses.

Features and Ways of Communication

The Torrance Unified School District understands that communication is a key element in engaging their parents. Efficient communication enables parents to work collaboratively with their administrators and teachers so that they can support the educational goals of the schools. If you enroll your child in one of TUSD schools, you are supposed to open a parent connect account. After signing up, the parents are supposed to enter their contact details in their accounts that will help the school contact them in case of general and emergency communications.

Parent Connect Tusd

There are various sources from where the district gets news, information, and accolades to parents. Through their general press releases, parents can get information regarding TUSD educational activities.They also have School News, which is a quarterly newspaper that contains important tops, and events of the district. The newspaper also highlights academic accomplishments at each of their schools to help parents who are yet to enroll their children to select the school of their choice. Parents should ensure that they check the current edition of the newspaper to stay updated with what’s going on in the school.

Another way through with the district communicates with their parents is Facebook. They have a Facebook page where they post events and provide information about upcoming meetings and events to parents and community. To get all this information, you should have a Facebook account and like their page.

Parents can also communicate with the TUSD administration and the Board of Education by attending Board meetings. This helps them stay informed of what’s going on in the district. The most interesting thing is that when you miss a meeting due to unavoidable circumstances, it doesn’t mean you will stay in the dark. They have a YouTube channel where parents can subscribe and be able to watch their previous meetings.

Through the parent portal page on the website, parents can also get useful links to help in the navigation of the website. You can get locations of all the schools through their school locator link. You will also find the district calendar to stay informed about the school event timelines.

SO if you are a parent who has a child in one of the TUSD schools or wants to enroll your child to any of their schools, you can find crucial information about the district in parent connect TUSD. Visit the site today and stay updated!


Aaobgyn : Services Offered by Austin Area Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Fertility

Austin Area Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Fertility ( Aaobgyn ) is a multi-physician obstetrics and gynecology practice that was founded in 1960. It’s one of the leading practice that has maintained a solid reputation in the provision of obstetrics and gynecology services for women living in or around Austin region. It’s located on Renfert Way in St. David’s Women’s Center.

Why Choose Austin Area Ob-Gyn & Fertility

There are many reasons why many women prefer this practice for their obstetrics and gynecology care. First and foremost, Aaobgyn is run by experienced and specialized physicians in the fields of Obstetrics and Gynecology who have practiced in these fields for a long time and hence can understand your problems. The center operates within convenient office hours so that everyone including those who work can access their services. Also, this medical clinic provides emergency services through their emergency telephone line so that they can help in times of emergency at any time of the day and night. In addition to their convenience, Austin Area Ob-Gyn & Fertility accepts most medical insurance plans to enable you get treatment without any delay. They also welcome new patients and have on-site parking and free valet parking for pregnant mothers.

Services offered by Aaobgyn

This practice provides a variety of services to their patients, and these include routine obstetric care, gynecology care, Pap Tests and Colonoscopy, urinary incontinence treatment and minor surgery. They also provide cord blood banking, mind body medicine, skin care, fertility counseling and treatment, vaginal rejuvenation and diagnostics services such as bone density scans, 3D mammography, and ultrasound. Below is a detailed info of some of these services

  • 1. 3D mammography. This is a diagnostic test that helps in the assessment and treatment of breast cancer. It provides highly detailed images of the breast tissue. Austin Area Ob-Gyn & Fertility has the most advanced and effective 3D mammography equipment to carry out this test.
  • 2. Gynecology. Austin Area Ob-Gyn & Fertility provides gynecology services to Austin women in all stages of life. They can diagnose and treat gynecological problems in their early stages to prevent complications. The services also include Pap test which is a medical screening test for cervical cancer.
  • 3. Obstetrics. These are services offered to expectant mothers who may experience problems during the pregnancy. The services include prenatal examinations to detect problems that may occur in pregnancy. They are also able to manage high-risk pregnancies to ensure that the baby stays healthy until delivery time.

  • 4. Ultrasound- This plays a huge role especially in pregnancy to check the condition of the baby and uterus. It’s a diagnostic imaging test that uses sound waves to create detailed images of internal organs. Austin Area Ob-Gyn & Fertility has advanced ultrasound equipment to diagnose any complication during pregnancy and manage it on time.
  • 5. Fertility. Many women experience fertility issues which may hinder them from conceiving. When a woman is unable to conceive, the problem may be within herself or on the side of her husband. Austin Area Ob-Gyn & Fertility will conduct tests to determine where the problem is and offer counseling and treatment.