Cyber Predators

What is an internet or cyber predator?

Predators are men or women – adolescents to grandparents – any race or ethnic origin – in every social class and culture – heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual – loners but more likely are sociable. Predators work online cultivating relationships with children over a period of weeks or months, looking for the right young person to groom – to break down barriers with the ultimate goal of a face-to-face (FTF) meeting. A meeting for the potential purpose of molestation – rape – and murder.

A predator can be placed into categories:

  • Preferrential – Predator actively targets children by age, hair color, height, etc. They will seek out jobs that will give them as much contact with children as possible. They will also lurk around chat rooms and residential neighborhoods hijacking wireless networks and systems, communicating with children while parked right outside of the child’s home.
  • Situational – Predator rarely seek out children but will take advantage of a situation when presented with it.

If you have not met the person you have been communicating with online, Face – To – Face, then you DO NOT KNOW THAT PERSON.