Since the institution of zero-tolerance policies in school and business environments,
Bullying has entered the realm of cyberspace

Welcome to the 21st Century of Bullying

Bullying has gone cyber. The Internet has become a bully’s latest weapon. Some bullies are creating websites that target others. They make horrible claims about their victims. They taunt, tease, ridicule or worst. Instead of a small group witnessing the bullying, millions of online users can access, witness, and even participate in these bullying situations.

A couple of the worst cases of cyberbullying, just short of suicide and bullicide was a web site attacking David Knight – “Welcome to the Page that Makes Fun of David Knight”. The other was a site (video) about a young man, Ghyslain, know to the Internet as the “Star Wars Kid”.

We have presentations that have been written for students and adults regarding this very real Internet threat.

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