Our presentations have been written to encompass many age groups, from students, beginning with fourth grade, to adults. These presentations encompass Cyber Bullying, Internet Safety, Cyber Predators, and Cyber Luring.

Internet Safety – Adult Presentation

This presentation is one hour + and covers similar information as the student presentation. You will see what your child can have access to on the Internet and how easy it is for them.

This presentation covers the areas of:

  •  Safety Tips Cyber Predators Social Networking Sites
  • Web Content Cyber Luring
  • Risks Warning Signs
  • Screen Names Statistics
  • Profiles Acronyms


Internet Safety – Student Presentation

The information in this presentation can be completed in one class period (though, two periods are preferable).

Information addresses the following areas:

  • Safety Knowledge Quiz Screen Names Social Networking Sites
  • Safety Tips Profiles
  • Web Content Cyber Predators
  • Risks and Treats Cyber Luring


Internet Safety Interactive Presentation – Student

This presentation has been designed as a follow-up to the Internet Safety and Bullying Presentations. It helps to reinforce the information students have received, and should know to protect themselves while using the Internet. It also helps us to assess how much the students have retained regarding these very real dangers on the Internet.

The information covered are:

  • Screen Names Definitions
  • Profiles Web Content
  • Safety Tips Potential Risks
  • Female and Male Bullying Grooming Process
  • Bullies Statistics

Cyberbullying Presentation – Adult

This information can be presented in an hour and is similar to the student presentation. Additional information is presented to help you as parents understand the warning signs and how you can protect your children.

The presentation contains:

  • Definitions Signs of Bullying
  • Types of Bullying How to Protect
  • Sources of Bullying Bullying via IMs, E-mails …
  • Testimony Bullying via web sites
  • What to do Bullying via blogs
  • Statistics

Cyberbullying Presentation – Student

Cyberbullying is a relatively new threat on the Internet. This one hour presentation will help you to understand this new danger.

The presentation contains:

  • Definitions Statistics
  • Types of Bullying Bullying via IMs, Emails …
  • Sources of Bullying Bullying via Web Sites
  • Testimony Bullying via Blogs
  • What to do