Privacy: A Right For Every Child

With high numbers of cyber crimes going all over the world, parents started to worry more and more about the safety of their children while they are online. There are so many bad things that can happen nowadays that one question keeps imposing itself upon the brow of the troubled parents: is it really OK to spy on their children’s online search history.

Many of the parental control software face criticism for harming the kids’ rights to their own privacy and this topic has become really touchy in the last couple of years. If parents find out that their kids are exploring a sensitive topic such as sexuality and act in a wrong way, it could reflect badly on their kids’ future behavior. Kids need to know that their parents are always there for them, no matter what is in question.

It could be possibly harmful to the kids if their parents would have found out about their activity reports of their online search, especially if those kids were exploring sensitive topics such as domestic or gender abuse, sexuality or religion.

Microsoft went a step further and launched a software that lets parents take a look at their children’s online search history. This basically means that parents can see what their children are doing when they are online. For some people this is good, for some, it is not.

In one hand, it is good to control your children and all their activities and in the other, it is not good to control them so much because it could be harmful to them. It could be harmful in a way that the children would get the feeling that they are not allowed to do anything on their own.

Children are curious in the young age and that curiosity should be supported in any way. If children feel like they are being monitored, that could greatly undermine any kind of trust and relationship with their parents. This could leave devastating consequences on the family. Parents should take great care when they are considering doing this.

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