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Placecard Accountonline

Placecard Accountonline : Get exciting credit card offers for Kids !

All of us have a credit card for easy on the go transactions. We no longer carry a heavy wallet. All we do is store up cash in form of credit cards and now with e-wallets having a credit card has become essential. Yet applying for a credit card account seems to be a daunting task. Ugh! The tiresome visit to a bank. But what if someone does the work for you? Yes, banking facilities at your door. No need for tiring paperwork. Placecard accountonline does just that!

 Kids Credit Cards

An online portal for quick fix banking solution. Here you can open a credit card account in minutes. This leading US portal has a customer base of nearly 50, 000. With its easy to handle quick facilities, it is no wonder that it’s a hit. The process of opening a credit card account is quite simple. No need for documents and filling tedious bank forms. Just sign up on their website using your email id, your chosen unique name, and a password. It’s that simple. Once you have verified your email id your account is ready. See, so easy right? Just like opening an account in social media.

While you are assured of the swift process, still a bigger concern looms at large. Yes, the anxiety over its security. In this age of cyber-crime safety and security are primary concerns. More so if it involves monetary transactions. Well, have no fear they have got you covered. The website uses an encrypted security system known by the name SSL. Powered by this SSL or secure sockets layer system the website ensures safe and secure transactions. Thus all your personal details remain confidential.


Placecard Accountonline : Exciting Offers

Having an account on placecard accountonline not only relieves of banking hassles but it also opens the doorway to a world of exciting discounts and offers. It’s like having a membership to an elite club. Here the advantage lies in the range of discounts that the company offers. The website offers a whopping 30% discount on your first credit card purchase. Apart from this, there are other offers like TEEN’s 25% birthday discount offer, double reward points for every dollar spent and others. Upon receiving your credit card you get another 20% discount.

Irrespective of the reward points and discounts you have the card comes handy in almost every occasion. Be it online or offline – fashion, food, retail, groceries, movies, and restaurants – you can avail their service anywhere. There’s no issue of the card being rejected.

Another user-friendly aspect of this card is its relatively easier methods of paying the bill. You no longer have to wait for a bank visit to pay your bill. You just need a speedy internet connection and a smartphone. Yes, it’s that simple. Just log in, to your account with the help of your username and password, and avail the pay the bill option. In case you can’t reach the website you can pay the bill in store or through email. How convenient, right? Well, told you so. They are the panacea of monetary transactions. With them, all of your shopping ends in a joyous ride.

So what are you waiting for? Get your finances sorted. Open your placecard accountonline account.